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Orange economy roller
Sale Price: 89,50 € 179,00 €

Orange economy roller

Product ID : 1700/O
roller green lemon (purple)
Sale Price: 209,50 € 419,00 €

roller green lemon (purple)

Product ID : 1702/V
roller stripes blue/white (orange)
Sale Price: 199,50 € 399,00 €
roller geometric grey/white (orange)
Sale Price: 199,50 € 399,00 €
roller red suede
Sale Price: 450,00 € 900,00 €

roller red suede

Product ID : 1601/R
roller gold crystal
Sale Price: 650,00 € 1. 300,00 €

roller gold crystal

Product ID : 1707/G

Born and raised in Berlin, at a young age I emigrated to Tuscany. I was lucky enough to work for years in a jewelry store in Florence where I was able to observe and learn their work directly from the great silversmiths and goldsmiths.

Subsequently I worked for years at one of the most famous shoemakers in Tuscany, known for the creation of custom-made shoes, which taught me in the smallest details the processing of leather.

With the crisis in Italy I entered the working environment of assistance and care for the elderly, where I had the first contact with the rollers.

In 2012 I returned for family reasons to Berlin, where I continued to work, even for passion, in the same area.

Do you have to use a sad roller because you have an illness or are you dependent on it for another reason?

No, you do not have to, choose the model that suits you!


The roller was invented in 1978 by a Swedish woman, Mrs Aina Wifalk, and as often happens, the idea was born to solve an emergency solution.

Mrs. Wifalk had contracted polio and needed a walker. As it did not exist, he created it. It is a wonderful invention that has helped millions of people to move better.

As long as you have the opportunity, it is good to move without using a walking stick. However, if the uncertainty becomes too great, it is useful to think of a walker that also offers a comfortable seat to give the opportunity to take a break while walking.

Not only that, almost all models nowadays have a bag or a basket that can be used to carry small purchases home.

These days the functionality of the walkers is hard to beat. The roller is one of the best inventions of the last century to make life easier and more enjoyable. But most of the rollers on the market are gray and ugly, so it's a shame to walk out of the house. Now you can choose from our wide range of colors the Rollchic model that best represents you!

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